The Sandbaggers Game Club was originally formed back in 2007 during our high school years. Back then a lot of time was spent on role playing games and strategic kind of board games, and I mean A LOT of time.

However, after high school all of us for several reasons ended up going very separate ways which let to Sandbaggers not being very active any more, which I think all of us felt was really a shame as we do love gaming. Which bring us to the reason of this page, and the club being “restarted”. When the activity of the club died out most of us continued to play all different sorts of games elsewhere and a while back we realized that most had moved from board games and other IRL games to playing video games, picking up where we left of with Sandbaggers wasn’t hard at all. So, this will be the new digitalized version of our game club where we now do almost all of out gaming online against each other. We’ll be posting short reviews of games we are passionate about and want to share with the world and articles about other gaming related topics that interest ut.

Hope you decide to follow along and find some useful tips!

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