FIFA 16 announced with female teams

EA, the famous American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games, recently made an official announcement about the release of FIFA 16 revealing a feature-surprise that will be added to this addition to the FIFA series. FIFA 16 will be the first edition that will include 12 female national football teams (USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, China and Australia). The female football players will obviously be different than men but the gameplay will remain the same.

Nick Channon, the producer of FIFA 16 said: “In this new edition we wanted to include the best players in the world despite their sex. Obviously, the best female players are in national teams, which is why we started from there. Our goal is to do a complete work and not just put a female head to a male body. In FIFA 16 you’ll see unique bodies based on the female body types, with long hair and special animations for their movement”.
Channon made clear that there will not be an option to put a female team versus a male one and he also stated that the ultimate mode and the career mode will be absent from this edition. That however, may change if the company sees the appropriate acceptance from the audience.

In the next few weeks, we also expect to learn a lot more about the gameplay and all the new features of FIFA 16 which will be released on September 22th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation S4, PlayStation3 and Windows PC. By then we will also learn more about the system requirements for good gameplay experience. Luckely I’ve just equipped myself with a powerful gaming laptop I found a nice deal on through Tech news central gaming laptop article.

EA truly puts a lot of effort to make every FIFA edition better than the previous one. The gameplay and the physics of the game get better every year and now, with the female teams added we really expect to see what the gameplay and the physics about the women will be like. Perhaps this feature marks the beginning of a new era on all soccer games since other companies will have to get equally innovative to keep up with EA and FIFA 16.
Stay tuned to find out what’s new with FIFA 16.

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